Leave Your Past Behind You

Leave Your Past Behind You

Can help you with filing your expungement petition and ensuring that it is granted in Jersey City, NJ

Criminal charges can follow you your entire life. They can affect job searches, education opportunities and relationships. You might wonder how to clear your criminal record. Michael R. Shulman- Attorney at Law, LLC can help you understand expungements in the Jersey City, NJ area. Attorney Shulman can help you clear your record within just three years. Your mistakes won't stay with you any longer.

Just because your criminal case is over doesn't mean your record is cleaned. Hire us to fight for the clean slate you're entitled to.

How do expungements work?

Many criminal offenses do not have to follow you around the rest of your life. The State of NJ allows for people convicted of certain offenses to expunge or "erase" their criminal past. However, the steps and laws surrounding this process can be difficult and time consuming. Michael Shulman, Esq., knows how the process work and can ensure that your petition is granted.

Speak with Mr. Shulman now. You'll get a free 30-minute consultation on how to clear your criminal record in Jersey City, NJ.